Treatment for known hepatitis B carriers

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Treatment for known hepatitis B carriers

At present, people who are known to be carriers of hepatitis B virus but do not have liver inflammation. There is no need for treatment yet. But people with chronic hepatitis caused by hepatitis B can be treated with medication. The drugs currently used by doctors are divided into 2 groups:

  • Pegylated interferon injections act to boost immunity and control viral load.
  • oral antiviral drug Keep doing the job of suppressing the creation of the virus. Causing the inflammation of the liver to decrease, however, the doctor will be the one who makes the diagnosis in selecting drugs for each patient as appropriate.

What are the benefits of treating chronic?

Of course, once hepatitis B is detected, hurried to see a doctor for treatment can help reduce the amount of the virus. reduce liver inflammation Reduce fibrosis and liver lesions improve liver function Reduce the risk of liver failure and liver cancer. Report from สมัคร ufabet

things that are often misunderstood “Hepatitis B virus”

1. Hepatitis B virus There is no cure?

Currently, there are many types of drugs, including oral and injectable drugs. The doctor will choose according to the suitability of each individual. Although may have to take medicine in a row for a long time. Or maybe take medicine for the rest of your life. But will be able to control the virus from increasing. calm and not spread In the future, there are drugs being researched. can kill viruses hidden in the liver which makes it possible to be cured 

2. It’s just a hepatitis B virus carrier. no need to be examined Or can be treated?

All patients with hepatitis B, regardless of type, such as chronic hepatitis or carrier, must be monitored regularly, and in some individuals, medication may be required. By having to take medicine regularly as well It depends on the doctor’s consideration.

3. Drugs to control. You can take it sometimes and stop it, is that okay?

Because current drugs are drugs that prevent the virus from reproducing. calm the virus but when stopping the drug The virus may reproduce. and eventually cause the disease to relapse There may still be a risk of cirrhosis. and liver cancer in the future

4. virus Do you have to take medicine alone?

as said Medications for viral control are both oral and injectable, but it doesn’t mean that everyone has to be treated. Because viral hepatitis is both chronic. (must take medication all the time) and acute 80-90% of which can disappear on their own without requesting treatment

5. Hepatitis B vaccine is expensive and must be re-injected?

in general Price of vaccine It will be at 200-300 baht per needle, having to inject 3 needles when injecting all 2 needles, then spaced for a while. If the blood test reveals that he has immunity I will have immunity for life. But there will a small part that can’t detect the immune system. may need to be injected again